Rebranding to reflect our purpose

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Rebranding to reflect our purpose

A few years ago, Cogent as a health-tech start-up set out its journey building an EMR system with an ambition to digitize healthcare industry. Today we have developed and deployed proprietary products like CogentEMR, CogentEMR Web, Smart Swasthya, and e-Appointments at dozens of healthcare institutions across all 7 provinces of Nepal enabling them to automate healthcare management value chain and make evidence-based decisions.

With a new vision and purpose, we are rebranding our identities to reposition ourselves in the marketplace. Rebranding is crucial for us to reflect our conviction towards our core purpose and optimism towards the future that this ever-so dynamic industry holds for us. As our company has evolved over the past 3 years, with the learnings and experiences, we are striving ahead to make a mark in the healthcare industry with our tech enabled solutions.

In the first stage of our rebranding process, we have changed our logo along with the color. We have chosen Turquoise and Sea Foam Green because we believe calmer colors like these better represent healthcare sector.


The new logo reflects the core values of Cogent-- technology, well-being, and connection. Visually, the two loaves forming the letter C represent life and well-being. Slanting lines representing the mid-rib of loaves connect the two leaves together to show-case a meaningful connection. And finally, the dots at each end of the slanting lines showcase technology and innovation.

Cogent Logo design

As such, the final design signifies what cogent strives for in the healthcare sector -- creating health-centric relationships for the overall well-being and better health outcomes of people through meaningful innovation.

Our Core Purpose

Empower healthcare service providers to achieve better patient health as well as financial outcomes through trusted health-tech solutions.

Our Vision

To become the first-choice health-tech company for healthcare providers as well as consumers and thereby be at the forefront in building an interoperable digital health ecosystem that helps improve patient health outcomes in Nepal.

Our Mission

To build modern, state-of-the-art health technology solutions from electronic health records, revenue management solutions to patient engagement service offerings, personal health records capable of integrating with multiple health information systems.

At cogent we are a passionately driven team that takes pride in our work and are driven to alleviate problems in healthcare. We are constantly working on the next innovative health-tech product and solution. We are here to transform the healthcare system in Nepal and aim to serve more than 3 million Nepalese population through our health-tech solutions.

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