Cogent Integrates with OPENIMIS

Cogent Integrates with OPENIMIS

Cogent Health has started pilot roll out of its health insurance feature integrated with Insurance Management Information System (IMIS) from Bhaktapur Hospital and Mechi Zonal Hospital. With this Cogent Health has become the first EHR (Electronic Health Record) service provider directly integrated with government’s IMIS system managed by Health Insurance Board (HIB).

The successful integration has enabled hospitals using Cogent Health’s EHR system to check eligibility of patients under government health insurance scheme and also send claims to HIB digitally for reimbursement. Healthcare institutions as of now have been required to engage in tedious and time-consuming process of uploading all the supporting documents related to procedures and healthcare services given to the patients under Health Insurance coverage separately on the IMIS platform. The pilot rolls out has set an important landmark in building the much-needed digital health ecosystem in Nepal with interoperability of two key cross-cutting components; health and insurance information systems.

Cogent Health has already integrated its platform with fintech and payment systems as well with a vision to contribute in building a broader interoperable digital health ecosystem in Nepal.

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