Electronic Medical Record

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Elevate the quality of care to the next level with a completely customizable platform that enables you to document medical, financial, and other clinical records improving every outcome.

Online Appointment system

  • Book your doctor's appointment straight from the eSewa App.
  • It's easy, hassle-free, and offers 24*7 customer support.

Registration and billing

  • Keep track of incoming and outgoing patients with a unique ID.
  • Manage cash, credit card, and digital wallet billing.
  • Provide evidence-based clinical and financial outcomes.


  • Record patient admission, Transfers, and Discharge.
  • Prepare summary reports as per hospital requirements.


  • Offer drug information reports and counseling.
  • Payments through dynamic QR integration.
  • Prepare Sales reports and effectively manage pharmacy billing.

Pharmacy Inventory management

  • Access information of items from purchase order to entry.
  • Get automatic alerts when stock reaches minimum level.
  • Manage expired items and stock items.

Inpatient Management System

  • Assigned IP numbers for IPD patients
  • View patient's medical and dosing records.
  • Generate dynamic Birth, Death, and LAMA template setups

Outpatient Management System

  • Assigned OP numbers for IPD patients
  • Prepare discharge summary reports
  • Integrated medicine prescription system to pharmacy

Emergency Management System

  • Assigned emergency numbers for emergency patients
  • Laboratory and radiology report viewing system
  • Emergency discharge summary reports

Nurse station

  • A go-to mobile application for nurses
  • A complete digitized recording platform
  • Input vitals, data, medication and validate patient information


  • Lab sampling, reporting, and verification
  • Patient portal for viewing lab reports
  • COVID IMU integration


  • Radiology reporting and verification
  • Booking for USG, MRI, and CT
  • SMS and email integration for patient reports

Core Accounting

  • Manage account transaction, ledger and statements
  • Prepare balance sheets
  • Identify profits and losses
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