Suppose you need Grid Summary. We take example of dispensed medicine in Inventory Report.

  1. We fill the GridView with desired data
  2. We want to get sum of each medicine dispensed for each day.
  3. Medicine Column is 3, Date Column is 9, Quantity Column is 5.
  4. Open Chart Setting -> Grid Summary -> Quantitative Summation
  5. Put Chapter Column (Date) =9 Group Column (Medicine)=3 Value Column (Quantity)=5
  6. Right Click on Grid View in Inventory Report and Select Summation. We get Report Chapter as individual datetime and quantity is not summed for day.
  7. Open Chart Setting -> Grid Summary -> Quantitative Summation In addition to variable columns select the script in Chapter Format. Put gbs3 as shell name.
  8. Right Click on Grid View in Inventory Report and Select Summation. You get the report in desired format. The quantity is summed for each day.
  9. [Note: Executing scripts is slow process. You can cache scripts output by enabling App cache]

Software upgrade script.

Please find the attached script which you can run to download and upgrade SISH application.
  1. Put the script to home folder.Download
  2. Run gbs3 sishupgrade in terminal
  3. Provide computer root password and process happen.
Alternatively you can upgrade SISH application by a direct command.

You need to download latest supporting application (sishadvertise) version 0.3.10.

The command is: sishadvertise --sishupgrade

Scripts For Nepali Unicode, Download

Scripts For GoogleDictation

    Install google chrome Install Speech Extension package for chrome
  1. In Chromium Open chrome://extensions/ and enable developer mode
  2. Drag and drop the extension over the page
  3. Copy the installed extennsion ID and paste to script In App Setting Load the script in Scripts -> Text Help. Use gbs3 as shell command

Scripts For Dictation Download

Some Useful Commands: Click Here

Template For Registration Sticker: Click Here

Template For Lab Sampling Sticker Click Here

Script for Invoice Click Here

Suppose you need to print invoice through dot matrix (Line Printer).

If the Source is HTML then all of the HTML is converted to text file and sent to printer. You cannot break the generated text file into multiple components so that each component is printed on separate page. To solve it we embed a script which formats the generated HTML and inserts four blank lines after every 5 lines (first 5 line is header).