This is a manual for using Record Desk.

When login through the Record Category, you are responsible for user id creation, comp access management, etc. We will see in Record desk which has Panel as follow:

  1. RootUser

  2. Activity

  3. Settings

  4. Extra

  5. Help

1. RootUser

The RootUser panel has Menu:

  1. Add User

  2. Comp Access

  3. Link Ext Db

  4. Console

Add User: This panel is used for user id creation. The step for user id creation are as follow:

  1. Click on Add User.

  2. In Admin Login form, specify the userid, password and root password in respective row.

  3. Click Ok.

  4. Click on Add.

  5. Specify a unique user id.

  6. Write the user full name.

  7. Write a secret password.

  8. Write a secret root pass.

  9. Select a Category(like Professional, Supporting, Administration).

  10. User valid duration.

  11. Select status as Active.

  12. Click on department plus sign to provide access to particular department.

  13. Click on location plus sign to provide access to particular computer.

  14. Mark in the A area if the user belong there (like if the user is faculty,Payable, referral, consultant,etc.).

  15. Click on Photo to upload user picture.

  16. Click on Profile to add user signature, designation,etc.

  17. Click on Save.

Comp Access: In this panel the computer access is granted. When a computer is setup as client we request for access, and from here we grant the access.

The Comp Access Step are as follow:

  1. Click on the Comp Access.

  2. Search the Mac Address and select it.

  3. In Active section, select Active.

  4. In IP Type, select Dynamic.

  5. Click on update.

Link External DB: This Panel is used for linking of an external database to the present database. While registration, if we input old patient no. in patient no. field and the data is not in the present database then on double enter it search in the linked external database.

Step to link external database:

  1. Click on Link External DB.

  2. Select the Server Type(For eg. Mssql, Mysql,etc.) of the database to be link.

  3. In Server Name specify the server IP Address.

  4. In User Name, specify the database server username.

  5. In Password, specify the database server Password.

  6. Specify the database name.

  7. Click on connect.

  8. Now in patient info link the particular information with there corresponding data.

  9. Repeat the same in encounter info.

  10. Click on save.

Console: This panel is used for direct access to the terminal console.