This is a manual for using Dispenser Desk.



  • Step 1 : Click on the software “SISH
  • Step 2 : Select “Pharm”
  • Step 3 : Type D in the first box or select the down arrow and click on “DISPENSAR”
  • Step 4 : Now Type your ID in the second box and password on the third box
  • Step 5 : Press enter twice or Click on “OK” with mouse.


  • After you log in, a page like below will appear.

  • Click on “ACTIVITY” then on “DISPENSING” to open dispensing form like shown above.
  • Then another page will open like below.

  • Now write recent Encounter ID of the patient from the sick book. The encounter ID will be written as E1234. “E” should always be in capital letter.

  • After you write the encounter Id of the patient, press enter. The patient details will be shown now.

  • Press down arrow in keyboard and Select the route of administration and press enter. Or you can also write the initial word and the word will come automatically. For eg. type “O” for oral, “L” for liquid, “ORT” for ortho and so on. Route of administrations are listed as :

- “ORAL ” for tablets and capsules.

- “LIQUID” for syrup, suspension, powders like Karticol,ORS,etc

- “INJECTION’ for all injection items.

- “FLUID” for NS, DNS, RL, etc.

- “ANAL/VAGINAL” for anal/vaginal related items like Candid V, Motivac Enema, etc.

- “TOPICAL” for items like cream, gel, ointment, lotion, solution to apply topically.

- “SUTURE” for all the suture items like petcryl, duracryl, linex etc.

- “MSURG” for surgical items like cotton, hansaplast, gauze bandage, crepe bandage, etc.

- “ORTHO” for all the orthopaedic related items. For eg. cervical collar, wrist binder, orthopaedic heat belt, ankle binder, etc.

  • Select the drug with BRAND name and press enter.

  • The dose of medicine will be shown automatically. Press enter.

  • Select the frequency of drug. (For Eg. OD, BD, TID, HS,etc.) Press enter.

  • Write for how many days is the medicine to be administered. For eg. 30 days for 1 month, 7 days for a week. Press enter.

    • The quantity will be auto-generated but you can also make changes to it by deleting the auto-generated quantity and writing on your own. Press enter two times and you will see the medicine in the lower box now.

    • Now to save the bill, press “Ctrl + S”. Press enter till the page appears blank. Bill will also be printed by doing this.

    • You can now dispense medicine for another patient.


    • Open the software and log in first.
    • Now click on “ACTIVITY” and then on “RETURN FORM”. Now a new page will appear.

    • You can now enter the Invoice number of the bill that you want to return or you can also return the bill from the Encounter id of the patient. Press enter.

    • Now the name of the patient will be shown.

    • Now write the reason why you are returning the bill. For example : Quantity error or any other reason. Press enter.

    • Press down arrow and Select item category whether you want to return medicines or surgical items or extra items. Press enter.

    • Press down arrow to select the items. Press enter.

    • Press down arrow to select the batch number. Press enter.

    • Now the expiry date of that item and the quantity that you have dispensed in that bill will be shown automatically.

    • Write how many quantity you want to return. Press enter two times. Now the item will go in lower box.

    • To save the return items, press Ctrl+S. The page will be blank now.


    • Go to reports.
    • Select Billing report.
    • Select date I.e, FROM which date - TO which date.
    • Select whether you want to see the report from ENCID or USER or INVOICE. If you select encounter Id, write encounter Id of the particular patient. If you select User, write which user’s report do you want. If you select Invoice, write particular invoice number.
    • Select computer ID from the box.
    • Select mode of invoice ; whether it is cash mode or credit mode. denotes all modes.
    • Select the registered department. % denotes all department.
    • Select types of invoice ; whether it is CASH BILLING or CASH DEPOSIT or CASH RETURN or PHARMACY SALES or PHARMACY RETURN. You can also select ALL TYPES for all invoice reports.
    • Select content of invoice. It includes Diagnostic Tests, Equipments, Extra Items, General Services, Medicines, Other Items, Procedures, Radiodiagnostics and Surgicals. denotes all contents.
    • Click on REFRESH.
    • Received amount within that time period will be now shown in the right hand lower corner. Total discount given within that time period will be shown just above it.