i. Different reference range based on equipment, gender and age group.

ii. Observation entry and reporting in both SI and metric units.

iii. Define range of correct observation by instrument.

iv. Can mark non- critical range. Application asks for confirmation if value falls in critical range and can auto send SMS.

v. Tests marked visible can be viewed from Clinical areas. Test marked hidden are visible only in Laboratory and Radiology.

User level

i. Radiology booking/planning

ii. Only patients requested from clinic (provided deposit) or invoiced appear for sampling/reporting. However if admin allows direct test addition is allowed.

iii. Bar code for quick sampling, report entry and report dispatch

iv. Easy reporting entry forms with rich text format, abnormal marking and pre- defined option lists

v. Easy customizable rich text compatible writing area for long Histology reports.

vi. Both WHOMED format and usual format sensitivity reporting system

vii. Can upload images / DICOM for a particular test

viii. Easy verification and update form


i. Customized report generation based on HTML template

ii. Reports can be printed, saved to online/offline FTP server with SMS alerts or sent through e mails

iii. Laboratory report view from clinic also displays interpretation, factors altering values and related evidence.