i. Permanent patient number and visit wise encounter ID assigned to patients.

ii. Speed up registration and other process with bar-code / QR code

iii. Different billing rates (e.g. General OPD, EHS) are allowed. Billing rates can scheduled

iv. Discount packages can be assigned to patients in advance. All billings, auto billings will follow this packages

v. User cash collection based on two invoice numbers; two invoice numbers are never same

vi. Extensive and customizable reports

vii. Referral and payable can be set for each billed items and user referral / payable report can be generated

Booking & Registration

i. SMS booking

ii. Quota restriction of consultation numbers

iii. Advance planning of booking, consultation, follow up patients, radiology and surgery

iv. SMS and e mail alerts to patients and professionals


i. Any rate can be altered only by account level user. All alterations are logged.

ii. Reminder of follow ups, procedure and radiology planning

iii. Rate for bed transition, equipment use can be set per minute, hour, day or unit

iv. Equipment use duration is from clicking start button to clicking close button

v. Items can be grouped for easy punching and aggregate reports

vi. Different customization in billings for different departments is possible

vii. Reminder of low deposit for inpatients